Why pay for the exposure of higher risk

MedPro RRG Risk Retention Group (MedPro RRG) is a medical malpractice insurer
that has teamed with its 110-year-old affiliate, Medical Protective, a Warren Buffett
Berkshire Hathaway insurance company, to bring you the best medmal insurance
available. MedPro RRG was formed to provide more insurance options to physicians,
dentists, hospitals, facilities and healthcare professionals, including those seeking an
alternative to the commercial market.  With flexible and robust product offerings, and
unique characteristics setting it apart from the competition, MedPro RRG is ready to
protect your assets and reputation.

With the market’s most customer-oriented offerings, MedPro RRG is pleased to
provide our physician insureds coverage with:

- no capital contribution
- no assessments
- claims-free credit
- ‘consent to settle’ -- giving you the absolute right to refuse settlement*
- both occurrence and claims-made form options
- free tail –for those who permanently retire and meet the policy requirements
- robust risk management resources

Administered and reinsured by Medical Protective, MedPro RRG is unlike any other
risk retention group.  At MedPro RRG, we leverage the knowledge, strengths and time-
tested practices of Medical Protective to provide you the flexibility you need and the
commitment you deserve. The experts at Medical Protective will handle everything from
processing your application, to providing expert risk management support, to
navigating the intricate strategies and challenges of your claim.
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Why RRG?

Since the state regulates the medical malpractice insurance market in New York, they
have basically driven out the competition.  This is why you have had limited choices
when selecting medical malpractice insurance in New York.  

All of the admitted carriers like MLMIC and PRI must contribute to the states high risk
pool (MMIP) causing a large financial burden and a need for an increase in premiums.

Medical Protective, recognizing the need for a financially stable carrier that can
provide lower cost medical malpractice insurance, has decided to enter the market as
a risk retention group.  This allows MedPro to regulate its own pricing and provide
discounts to doctors with good claims histories.

Why should you pay for an over regulated industry?
Warren Buffett