Do you have a Medical Malpractice Insurance Broker Today?

If you answered yes, ask yourself the following questions.
  • Does your broker have access to multiple insurance carriers?
  • Does your broker present you with options each year at renewal?
  • When was the last time your broker shopped your medical malpractice premium?
  • How many physicians does your broker currently represent?
  • How much insurance premium does your broker handle?
  • Does your broker specialize in Medical Malpractice Insurance?
  • Does your broker offer you financing options?
  • Does your broker have an experienced and a professional customer support team?
  • Is your broker available to you 24/7?
  • Does your broker ever visit your office?
Do you buy directly from your medical malpractice insurance carrier?

It doesn't cost anything to be with a broker, but it does cost you not to be with one.  Brokers' commissions' are built
into all insurance premiums, so regardless of whether you buy direct or use a broker, your premium will not
increase for having a broker.  If your insurance is not marketed to
multiple carriers each year, it is very difficult to
receive the lowest premiums.  Even if you would like to stay with your current carrier, we may be able to lower your
Looking for more information about the many medical malpractice insurance carriers?

On our carrier page there are links to each of the carriers websites and links to a brief synopsis for each carrier. Here are
questions to ask when evaluating a medical malpractice insurance carrier.

Need more information?

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Medical Malpractice Insurance Agent
- 5/13/11 - Committee Sends
Medical Professional Liability
Reform to Full House -

- 5/13/11 - MLMIC VP: Tort Reform
in NY Gaining Traction -  

- 5/12/11 - Plantiff gets $2.8M in
malpractice suit (NJ)  -

- 5/12/11 - 2 Seattle Children's
nurses are cited in separate medical
errors  -

-5/11/11 - Medical Professional
Liability Insurers Should Get Good
Grasp on Their Exposures  -

- 4/29/11 - Supreme Court rejects
class-action arbitration -
In The News This Week
Carrier News
- 8/29/11 - Medical Protective to
acquire Princeton Insurance -

- 1/1/10 - Pennsylvania PRI lowers
rates  on many specialties

- 11/13/09 - NJPure is ordered to
Show Cause and brought up on
charges by the NJ Department of
Banking and Insurance -
court doc

- 11/1/09 - MD Advantage
announces alliance with Pediatric
Society of NJ for 20% discounts

- 9/1/09 - Medical Protective enters
NY as MedPro RRG

- 1/1/09 - Medical Protective lowers
rates in Delaware

- 1/1/09 - Princeton lowers rates in
New Jersey by 7.5%

- 8/1/09 - MD Advantage announces
1 year and any age on tail provision

- 1/1/09 - Medical Protective
announces 1 year and any age on
tail provision

- 3/30/09 - MD Advantage has a
alliance with orthopaedic society of
NJ to save orthopedic doctors 12.5%

- (

-Information on MIIX GAP (article)
11/19/2014 -New York State Society of Orthopaedic
Surgeons (NYSSOS) endorses MedPro RRG